Experts in Fire Sprinkler Systems

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Fire Sprinkler Design, Fabrication, and Installation

InspectorInitial phases of a project begin with a thorough on-site evaluation of the facility — or in the case of new construction, analyzing blueprints and specifications — to determine occupancy classifications and fire hazard levels. Midwest Fire Protection’s designers work with government authorities to develop systems meeting the strictest code compliance and insurance specifications. We balance design considerations against aesthetics, budget and protection objectives, along with any special environmental concerns.

Midwest Fire Protection's system designers are Certified Engineering Technicians in the field of Fire Protection and the subfield of Automatic Sprinkler System Layout,tested and certified by The National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technicians (NICET).

Following design approval by municipal authorities,we build the system at our in-house shop. Proximity gives our shop craftsmen immediate access to system designers, for consults that ensure accuracy and expedite projects. Pre assembly at our plant minimizes disruptions at client businesses.

The workers who install your fire protection system are just as important as the fire protection system design, so don’t settle for less than a contractor Installationwho assures the highest caliber of quality and safety. Our experienced union sprinkler fitters are craftsman certified by the State of Minnesota as specifically qualified to install fire sprinkler systems. Our craftsmen are all OSHA trained and certified. Installing a sprinkler system the right way means doing it safely. Our commitment to job site safety fosters a culture in which all employees know that safety takes precedence over other workplace demands.

Our project managers tour job sites daily to ensure proper supervision and timely problem resolution. Other contractors might spend hours, or even days, getting approval from their head office. Midwest Fire Protection’s Plansproject managers are owners of the company. They can quickly review the situations and resolve any issues immediately, on-site, avoiding project delays. If a field change requires additional material, it's quickly shipped locally from our extensive shop inventory.

Before a Certificate of Occupancy is issued, we hydrostatically test each fire sprinkler system to guarantee the satisfaction of the building owners, city building/fire officials, and insurance companies.