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Fire Sprinkler System Emergency Service

For after hours repair, call 612.331.1411 and
listen to the message about how to contact our on-call technicians.

Sometimes service, maintenance, and emergencies, don't recognize a nine-to-five workday. Midwest Fire Protection’s staff of on-call, specially trained service personnel provides fast response when breakdowns and emergencies happen — 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We keep repair material in inventory, which lets us restore system operation in the shortest time possible, regardless of the hour, day or night.

Preventing Seasonal Freeze Ups
During a Minnesota winter, news media will highlight “flooding’ of buildings due to frozen, broken, and then thawed fire sprinkler pipes. Why so much attention to fire sprinkler breaks? A fire sprinkler flow alarm almost always prompts a fire department response. The media monitor these events on emergency scanners, chase the fire trucks, and report on stories about fire sprinkler systems “flooding” offices, dorms and courthouses, resulting in unwanted media attention.

In reality, frozen plumbing pipes cause much more damage, more often, than frozen fire sprinkler systems — but frozen plumbing seldom prompts a visit by a fire station — or the media. Whether designing a complete dry-pipe system, or a combined wet-pipe system with dry pendent heads in unheated portions of a building, Midwest Fire Protection will plan systems to help prevent seasonal freeze-ups.