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System inspecting

NFPA 25 – Inspecting, Testing & Maintaining Fire Protection Systems

A fire sprinkler system must work the first time, every time. To ensure your fire sprinkler system will perform when you need it, you should implement a regular inspection program.

Although members of the general public are generally not qualified to inspect, test, or maintain a fire sprinkler system,here are a few simple ways they can help:

Never paint a fire sprinkler
Never hang anything from any part of a fire sprinkler system
Never stack items close to fire sprinklers. Tops of storage or furniture should be at least 18 inches below fire sprinklers
Report damage to any part of a sprinkler system immediately

Potential Liability
Recent court decisions have held building owners liable in cases of fires in buildings that lacked fire sprinkler systems. Similarly, a building owner could be held liable for failing to maintain a fire sprinkler system in working condition.

Avoiding Problems
Regular fire sprinkler systems inspections help reveal problems long before they can become a major business interruption or lead to costly emergency service. You can schedule repairs for a convenient time, saving the costs of unnecessary business interruption. Midwest Fire Protection will coordinate with your alarm monitoring provider for approved shut down and control procedures for repairs and alterations.

The Insurance Services Office (ISO) publishes a Commercial Fire Rating Schedule (CFRS). Section 402 of the CFRS requires building owners to have annual inspections of sprinkler system to qualify for the “sprinklered” insurance rate. For purposes of insurance, no credit will be allowed if inspections are overdue.

Saving Money on Insurance
Even though your building is fully sprinklered, you may not be getting the full discount to which you may be entitled. Completely sprinklered buildings enjoy special reduced insurance rates — which can evaporate if the insurance company does not receive verification of system inspection by a licensed contractor.

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